Best Concrete Contractors in Wellington

Comprehensive concreting services for all residential and commercial projects.

The team at Stapp Contracting has over 20 years of concreting experience.  Whether you require a driveway, footpath, bike track, or playground, our team can help you.  We can also produce decorative concrete that looks great in your garden around features such as swimming pools.

We provide concreting services Wellington wide, including Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, and the Kapiti Coast.

Concreting process and standard materials

  • Exposed aggregate concrete in our photos below – is exposed 20 MPA concrete.
  • This product comes with a 1% black in it.
  • To construct a standard 100m2 driveway you are looking at 1-3 days start to finish.
  • In some of the photos you will see a slot drain which catches the water before running onto the road.
  • The house slab is machine finish once form work is up we complete the slab with 20MPA concrete slab foundation to a high standard.

Concrete Contractors in Wellington & Porirua

Stapp Contracting specializes in providing all concrete related services in Wellington, Porirua and area around. We understand the importance of hiring the best concrete slab foundation contractors in order to achieve the desired results for your homes or for the commercial space. The stronger the base and structure of the house the longer its life. Stapp Contracting  provides the best concrete contracting solutions for your requirements with a guarantee of quality work with the highest of standards.

Stapp Contracting was established on the grounds of customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We take pride in the work we offer and we specialise in concrete services like concrete pumping, drainage, sidewalks, removal, restoration of concrete slabs, driveways, garage floors, basement floors, adding to existing structures and more. We can manage your projects from conceptualization to execution and timely delivery of the finished results. We serve our clients with cost effective, high quality and proactive services.

Why We Known For Providing Quality Concrete Services in Wellington & Porirua

As a fleeting team of trained professionals and dedicated towards what we do, we are proud to be the best in the industry.

  • Our uncommon substantial assistance is the confirmation for quality work. The pre, during and post construction makes our services great in quality and worth.
  • Our expertise lies in the ability to comprehend the best work.
  • Top notch quality products are the centre of our work.
  •  We work autonomously, as subcontractors and even with different project workers.
  • With a goal of customer satisfaction and earning their loyalty, we make sure to work within the time frame and the discussed budget.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are a few inquiries to pose to your substantial worker for hire before you recruit them to begin your task.

1. Would I be able to investigate the work your organization has finished previously?
2. What amount of time will it require to finish my undertaking?
3. What is your assessed cost?
4. Would I be able to see your verification of protection?
5. What are your qualifications?

Due to the nature of how concrete in Wellington (and surrounds) sets and the chemical compounds of how concrete is made up, concrete should not be poured if there is rain or even frost predicted. The moisture will disrupt the good structure of your concrete and will deliver an unsatisfactory result. Furthermore, if there are especially hot days predicated (specifically if there is a lot of wind expected), then pouring concrete should also be avoided as the temperature and air fluctuations can adversely affect your outcome as well.

Since there is a period of 30 (and sometimes up to 60) days of curing for the concrete, it is possible that your concrete may appear to be mottled or have different colours. This is because of the varying rates of moisture evaporation as the concrete cures, and though it may appear to be spotty, it is, in fact, a normal part of the process. This effect will fade over time as the concrete matures and should not cause you any alarm.

Every project we undertake is evaluated on an individual basis. Our expert team will make recommendations based on the area, required use and traffic, budget, and other project parameters in order to achieve the best possible result. With that being said, there is a benchmark standard that is accepted in New Zealand and is considered good practice within our industry. For paths and areas that do not experience excessive traffic, a depth of approximately 75 mm is acceptable (allowing an additional 75 mm for any required sub-base). If, however, you are working with a high-traffic area, a driveway, or even a standard slab, then 100 mm is the more accepted depth and will create the structural capacity and integrity you hope to achieve. Speak to your contractor for a more detailed overview of your project.