Concrete Earthmovers & Excavation vehicle hire Service

Stapp Contracting aims to make construction easy for you with reliable and quality equipment to hire. Hiring equipment is always advantageous instead of investing in maintaining your heavy and large equipment. If you have a project that requires excessive rubbish or soil to clear, our team of highly efficient and well trained professionals will provide you with the requirements.

We ensure a thorough check as well as service of the entire range of earthmover and excavation vehicles after every rental in order to provide you with a quick and uninterrupted service in Wellington and area around. Whether you have to dig a garden pond, demolish an old construction or clear rubbish and waste, we guarantee the highest standards of maintenance which we make available to other contractors, companies or individuals with a complete support of expert advice and guidance. Stapp Contracting hire services aim at easing your work at residential and small commercial work for flattening sections, tree and boulder removal, concrete demolition and removal, driveway preparation and more.Our prices are competitive, machinery is of high quality and our services are reliable. We have built our reputation through the proactive service we provide and we focus on maintaining the same.

Why Hire Us for Earthmovers Machinery in Wellington

An integral part of hiring equipment is planning which helps you detail the timeline for when that particular equipment is required for work and how much is the budget concerning that project. . having a tab on these specifications you can sort when to hire earthmoving machinery in Wellington. We have a trained set of team to help you find the right strategy to follow for your project and hiring. We at Stapp Contracting take pride in

  • Making sure that our equipment for hire is of pristine quality.
  • We can deliver on site equipment to you.
  • According to the equipment you choose you will be helped with the rentals based on the number of days you need the equipment.
  • We guide you in completely understanding the proper functioning of the equipment you choose so that you don’t have to worry about it functioning and are safe while reducing the possibilities of injury.



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