Excellent and courteous service and also very professional. Thanks guys.

Rob Mur – Auckland

To Whom It May Concern

I highly recommend Damion Stapp from Stapp Contracting.

I was initially impressed with Damion’s’ enthusiasm and obvious pride he has in his new business. He spoke confidently about the work which was needed, and in layman terms we understood.

Right from the start it was clear Stapp Contracting were proud of their business in everything they did. From instructions with office staff, our school caretaker, visitors and neighbours they were polite, respectful, and accommodating; not an easy feat for a very busy school environment. Damion always took time out to explain where they were at with proceedings and all conversations were open and honest.

Stapp Contracting scope of work involved removing the existing car park, preparing the new surface with reinforced metal pour the new concrete and the all-important final finish.

Stapp Contracting completed what they said, in the timeframe provided, to a very high standard and at a very competitive price. From pre planning to Health and Safety to basic clean up and the end of the day; a very professional company!

Our top school car park is very impressive thanks to Damion and his crew. There have been many positive comments made about the quality of the workmanship. As such, this has led Stapp Contracting securing jobs from the work they have done at Postgate School.

If you would like more information about Stapp Contacting or like to view the work, please contact me at school. Without reservation, I would use their services again.

Thanking you

Adam Campbell, Principal, Postgate School, Whitby

To whom it may concern

I contacted Damion after meeting several contractors for my driveway, which is 140 m2.

Compared to other contractors, Damion was willing to come and see the site on Saturday morning. As soon as he came, he identified my requirements on the spot. He advised me to have drainage for the driveway installing 3 sumps. He even marked the locations for them.

Because I already have spoken to several contractors before, I could see the clear difference in how he approaches the job. He did not waste any time and gave me his quote on the spot. With other contractors, I had to wait several days or weeks to get the quote. What he quoted was not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but how he managed himself gave me plenty of confidence.

I decided to engage with him, and we signed the contract with the agreed amount. The entire project was done within a week. He texted me every morning to let me know what will happen for the day. His team came in time and worked very professionally. They made sure the work they do is up to my expectation.

Damion checked with me before pouring the concrete. He consulted with me for the colour. Then he organised his team to come and work on Saturday to water blaster and the day after his team cut the driveway to make sure it won’t crack. Once everything is done, he even sent his team to check everything is done and clean the site. The entire coordination of the project was the first class.

Based on my firsthand experience, he is professional and keeps his word. I have dealt with many tradies, but he is the most reliable and is the person who communicates exceptionally well with his customers. For example, he made sure to communicate with me before he does the next step, which has been very assuring.

I have no reservation to recommend him to anyone who needs their driveway done. You can do what I did, contacting other contractors first then meet him, then you will see a clear difference. I wish all the best for Damion’s business. He deserves to do well.

Kind regards

An owner of a property in Johnsonville

To whom it may concern

Damion Stapp from Stapp Contracting Limited was contracted by our Fundraising Trust to build a bike track at our school.

Damion completed the track within a week and the Fundraising Trust were very happy with the quality of his work. Damion communicated with us in regard to quarry shortages and came up with solutions to solve any problems that occur when building a track. He went out of his way to meet with various people outside of hours and in the weekend.

The children at our school and the wider community use our bike track on a daily basis. We are very happy with the final result and would recommend him to other schools or organisations who are looking at building a track.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Tara Taylor-jorgensen, Principal, Pukerua Bay School